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Hello and welcome to The Wealthy Nurse, I’m Mr. Wealthy Nurse.  I, along with Mrs. Wealthy Nurse will be your guide as we discuss all things that make a nurse wealthy.  First, yes we are both nurses and with different specialties so there’s plenty for the student nurse and new graduate nurse to learn here at TWN.  Second, there’s more to being wealthy than JUST money so we’ll be covering not only all things money but also lifestyle and surviving nursing and nursing school.

You see, we both think life (…and being a nurse) is a lot easier when you have a some advice to guide you and that’s what you’ll get here at The Wealthy Nurse.  Nursing is a well paid profession so there’s a lot of room for error in money management and of course if you’re applying to nursing school or in nursing school then you need to know what kind of field you are choosing to enter.
How can I prepare for my nursing school interview?
How should you prepare for your first shift as a nurse?
Should I become a nurse practitioner?
How much do I need to retire?  Speaking of which…Can I retire in my 30’s?
Not only will you get answers to the above but you’ll see all of our actual numbers on:
  • What we started making as new graduate nurses
  • Current salary
  • Savings
  • Raises and much more!
Now some background.  I, Mr. The Wealthy Nurse, became a nurse as a second (or third or fourth?) career in a nursing second degree program.  After the 18 month program I worked as an emergency room nurse.  If you have any interest in the ER then stick with us here at TWN.  Not only is ER nursing misunderstood but nursing students get almost zero exposure to it!

ER Nursing and EPIC

After some time in the ER I was hired into a nursing informatics position working with EPIC.  Good bye holidays, weekends and night shifts!  Nursing informatics is the fastest growing area of nursing and I’m ready to dish the career advice to new and old nurses alike.  Consider changing up your career with nursing informatics as your back won’t last forever!  Mrs. TWN went the traditional route, so you can get both types of nursing school perspectives here, and has years experience in the hospital setting on stroke floors, post op, telemetry, step down, neuro ICU and ICU.  Mr. The Wealthy Nurse will be the main writer here but know that when I write about floor nursing, it comes from her expertise.

Wealth Isn’t Just Money

Remember not all wealth is money and Mrs. TWN recently stopped working altogether in order to stay at home with the kids.  Being wealthy is also about your time and family time is an example of that.  Do you want to be able to earn and save enough money so you can take time off, stay home with the kids, pick your ideal nursing position, say “no” to management, work less overtime, or save your back and sanity or even retire early??
“Power and machinery, money and goods, are useful only as they set us free to live.”
–Henry Ford
Guess what, we’ve done it all and all of these super powers start when you’re in school or as a new graduate (although it’s never too late to start!).  In fact it’s time to start now… move on to the next article to get some actual numbers on nursing school and our starting salaries.

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