January 2019 Update!

Hey All!

Lots of going-on’s over here at the TWN house.  I just got hired at a new job with a 30%+ raise! During January I’ve been busy with multiple interviews, Marie Kondo’ing some of our house and finishing up my final weeks at my current EPIC nursing job.

Financially speaking our net worth increased by $5000+ this month. VTSAX dropped down 13%-ish from the September 2018 peak in January 2019. That means its time to BUY.  As Warren Buffett would say (I’ll paraphrase) there’s gold falling out of the sky, run out with buckets to go collect it!  I’ve been squeezing the budget trying to buy the dip in January while still building up our escrow account… because well, read on!

Aside from the new job we also paid off the house a couple weeks ago (end of December) so I’ll have a write up on that and WHY and HOW we accomplished that feat. Also I’m prepping more articles on aspects of pre-nursing to continue that series as well as starting the ER series and a couple of early retirement and finance articles. 2019 is going to be a great year!

While I’m still getting setup please listen to this recent podcast episode from ChooseFI about Naseema.  Naseema is a nurse who works in California (but lives in Nevada), works two nursing jobs and paid off $1 million dollars in debt!  There’s been internet debate about her claim of working two jobs and making $200-250k a year.  I will pick a side and state that this is indeed possible and the numbers work out but that’s not really common over here on the East Coast.  Bay area salaries are so lucrative I’m not surprised that some nurses have learned to work the system!  Great work Naseema!

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